Free Credit Card Processing Consultation


At Florida Registered Agent LLC, we offer a free credit card processing consultation service when you hire us to be your Florida registered agent.

This service includes an in-depth discussion of your business’s payment processing needs, and the option to sign up with a payment processor at stellar low rates we negotiate on your behalf.

Here’s how to get started:

When you hire us to form your Florida business or serve as your Florida registered agent, you’ll see a check box on the sign-up form labeled “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation.”

Simply check that box and complete your order, and our team of experts will reach out to you by email to set up a call. That’s all there is to it.

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Why Accept Credit Card Payments?


Credit and debit card payments are two of the main ways modern consumers pay for goods and services. This is true whether you’re running a brick-and-mortar store, a mobile business, or a fully-online business. A quick glance at your own wallet will probably tell you everything you need to know: accepting card payments is a must for every new business.

That’s why we created our credit card processing consultation service—to help your business get paid, and to help ensure you get the payment options (the services and the processing tools) you need.

Why Sign Up For Payment Processing Through Us?


There’s no shortage of companies out there that can set your business up to accept credit card payments, so why choose Florida Registered Agent LLC?

  • We’re a registered agent and business formation service, so our core business and profit margin isn’t tied to credit card processing (we get the revenue we need when you hire us to form a Florida LLC or a Florida corporation). That means we can forgo big markups and help you save.
  • We work with multiple payment processors, so we aren’t tied to or dependent on any one processor. That means we have options and so do you.
  • We have the power to negotiate and set many of the rates you’ll pay, and we are driven by a single goal: to get your business the card payment options and tools it needs without breaking the bank.

Plus, when you sign up for credit card processing through us, we won’t just sign you up with a payment processor and move on. We’re still your Florida registered agent, after all, and that means we can be your voice in the card payment industry for the long haul.

Why We Can Help You Save


A little known fact about the card payment industry is that the big payment processors often don’t sell their services directly to the public. Instead, various types of intermediaries—independent sales organizations (ISOs), payment facilitators, agents, and referral partners—do the selling for them. And, as with any wholesale/retail scenario, these intermediaries have their own costs set by the processor and then “mark up” the service to cover their costs and turn a profit.

This means that your overall costs for accepting credit card payments often depend on the goals of the person or business that signs you up. If the intermediary’s goal is to make more money, you can typically expect higher rates and higher overall costs. If the intermediary’s goal is to save you money, they’ll charge you less.

As strange as it might sound, we don’t need or want to make a bunch of money off of credit card processing. With the revenue generated from our Florida business services, we’re already a healthy company that’s in a good place financially. This is why your initial consultation is free, why we can negotiate low rates for you with a payment processor, and why there’s no pressure or obligation to sign up.

When we negotiate and set your rates, we keep only two considerations in mind: covering our base costs and saving you as much money as we can. That’s it.

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How Your Credit Card Consultation Works:


Our goal is to be your researcher and your guide through the complex world of credit card processing, and we created a simple, streamlined process for getting your business set up to take payments.

Here’s how your free credit card processing consultation works:


  1. We’ll start with a phone call and talk with you about your business type, your current or estimated sales, your average ticket, and how you want to take payments.
    Based on this information, we’ll match your business to the right payment processor, and we’ll come up with a rates package and the equipment options that fit your needs.

  2. If you like what you see, we’ll help you complete and submit your application to the payment processor.
    Our assistance on the application is important because we can help you avoid the typical mistakes businesses make when they try to negotiate a merchant agreement on their own.

  3. The processor will reach out to you directly, at this point, to get the personal and financial information needed to complete the application.
    This is the sort of information we don’t think is our business, frankly, so we step offstage during this part of the process.

  4. Then you’ll finalize and sign your merchant agreement with the payment processor.
    Once your account goes through and you receive the necessary equipment or software, you’ll be in a position to start taking payments.

  5. After you’re completely set up, we’ll still be here to provide guidance and support.
    This includes keeping the payment processor honest by routinely monitoring your merchant statements for errors and hidden fees.

Credit Card Processing FAQs:


Will Florida Registered Agent LLC Be My Payment Processor?

No, we’ll be your agent (your go-between) with the processor. The payment processor is the company that actually processes your business’s card payments and provides you with a merchant account. Our role is to get you started, set your rates, and provide ongoing customer support for your business.

Who Will I Pay You or the Payment Processor?

You will pay the payment processor directly. This is because your merchant contract will be with the payment processor, not us.

How Will You Determine My Rates & Fees?

When we put together your rates package, we’ll do so based on several key details about your business, including:

  • Your business type.
  • Your sales information (current or estimated monthly sales and average ticket).
  • The types of card payments you wish to accept.
  • The ways you want to accept card payments (in-person, mobile, or online).

This is why the initial phone consultation is so important. It allows us to understand how your business works and learn about the payment methods and processing tools you need.

With that information in hand, we can work to ensure that you get the best rates available and equipment options that fit your business’s needs.

Do You Determine All of My Credit Card Processing Fees?

No. We can determine your transaction rates and the fees for some additional services provided by the payment processor.

However, you will still pay some non-negotiable fees set by the payment processor itself, as well as wholesale fees, such as interchange fees and card network assessments, which are determined by card networks like Visa and MasterCard.

What Led You to Create This Credit Card Processing Consultation Service?

We’ve been in the registered agent and business formation game for a long time, and it has always been common for our new clients to ask us questions about how to get set up to take credit card payments.

That led us to explore the card payment industry, and we slowly realized that our clients were commonly getting pretty bad deals when they negotiated rates and contracts on their own. Since our goal generally is to help our clients start and maintain successful businesses, we decided to explore the available ways we could help our clients save money on credit card processing.

Eventually, we decided to establish the necessary business relationships with payment processors, and we created this service with the goal to help our clients save.

Does Florida Registered Agent LLC provide other business services?

You bet. We can help you form a Florida LLC or a Florida corporation, and we also serve as our clients’ Florida registered agent. All of these services include the free use of our Florida business address and free limited mail forwarding (up to 5 non-state documents scanned per year).

Additionally, we offer an array of other Florida business services, including our paid Florida mail forwarding service packages and our Florida virtual office.

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