– Florida Registered Agent LLC –

A Florida registered agent is required for all corporate filings done at Sunbiz.org and the Florida Division of Corporations. All corporate filings must list a Florida physical address, which will be a permanent public record for that business. We include listing our registered office address as your physical, principle, mailing, and registered agent address. But we don’t stop there!

As your Florida registered agent, we allow our clients to list our registered office address for the members, managers, officer, directors, the filing cover letter, and annual report filings in order to keep your address off of the Florida Division of Corporations public records. This is all just included in our service for just $49 a year.

Why is the Registered Agent Address so important?

Florida has been a leader in transparency in the US for over a century. We started the “Public Records Law” in 1909 and followed it up with greater clarity in 1967, with the addition of open records via the “Government in the Sunshine Law”, otherwise known as just “The Sunshine Law”. It’s Chapter 286 of the Florida Statutes, but it basically says that ANY record filed or recorded with a government body in Florida is made permanently accessible. If you’ve done business or lived long enough here, you’ll practically find yourself looking at a business on Sunbiz.org before checking out their reviews. It’s what we’ve become accustomed to. The frustrating thing is that many business owners do not realize they have an alternative to listing their home address or cheap rental on their beginning corporate papers. For $49 a year, you can show the stability of listing a commercial registered agent indefinitely and keep your home address private. The papers you file with the Division of Corporations, will become permanent parts of Florida history. Someday your business may grow to a point where you don’t want to show the chain of low rent offices you’ve had or show how many times you’ve had to move throughout your companies history. We can help you show stability to the outside world.

Why is our Florida Registered Agent Address different?

  • We own our 40,000 sq ft building, rent part out, and plan on staying indefinitely.
  • We allow you to list our address for all your addresses on your corporate filings.
  • We include limited free mail forwarding.
  • We can provide you an actual lease in our building and your own suite number.
  • We can provide you a local Florida call forwarding phone number.
  • See our address online here


Hire Florida Registered Agent LLC

When forming an LLC or starting a corporation in Florida, you have two options.

#1. We Do It All

We can form your company, handle all of the paperwork, offer one year of registered agent service, and file everything with the Florida Division of Corporations. You don’t have to worry about any of it. We include everything you’ll need to take your paperwork to the bank and open up a bank account. Filed Articles of Organization, a private operating agreement, membership certificates, stock certificates, a Federal EIN Number, shareholder resolutions. Everything you need and we’ll be done in days.


Form a Business (including Registered Agent Service)

#2. File the Forms Yourself

Hire us to be your Florida registered agent for $49 and save money on formation by filing the forms yourself online at Sunbiz.org. Florida allows formation documents to be filed and processed immediately online. Or, if you’d prefer to send them through the mail, you will find all the proper forms in your online account, already pre-signed and ready to go.


Sign-up for Registered Agent and Business Document Services


The Best Florida Registered Agent Service:

  • Timely reminders to file your annual report
  • A login into our database to see any documents we receive on your behalf
  • Manage one or many Florida registrations all in your online account
  • All service of process and important documents are uploaded into your online account immediately in full scan
  • Cheapest Florida registered agent price of $49 a year
  • Same price every year

What is the Function of a Florida Registered Agent?

The function of a registered agent in Florida is to maintain a physical address located within the state limits that is easily accessible and open during normal business hours, where the name of the person or business listed as the registered agent will accept a summons, service of process, or legal notice. Sending mail to the registered agent appointed on the Florida Sunbiz corporate records is legal proof that the business has been notified and starts a legal notification timeline.

What’s the best cities for Florida Registered Agents?

Florida Registered Agent LLC is in Florida’s second largest metro: Tampa-St Petersburg. But you can list a registered agent service at any city and do business in any city in Florida such as Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Sarasota-Bradenton, Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Palm Bay-Melbourne, Port St. Lucie, Palm Coast – Daytona Beach – Port Orange, Pensacola, Kissimmee, Bonita Springs, Lakeland, Tallahassee, Winter Haven, Fort Walton Beach – Navarre – Wright, Gainesville, Deltona, North Port, Ocala, or any city in Florida. Wherever you’re doing business in Florida, if you’re in need of coming to America, you can fly into TPA (Tampa Bay International) and be at our office in 15 minutes for a meeting and conduct business from here in Florida.

What are the Florida Registered Agent Requirements?

Florida registered agent requirements are specified in sections 607.0502, 617.0502, 607.1508, 617.1508, 605.0114, 605.0116, and 620.1115. You can see the specific section requirements online   To summarize the requirements:

-Be a resident of Florida or have a registered business be the registered agent listed

-Agree to the consent and appointment to be the registered agent

-Maintain a physical location where anyone could easily show up and locate the registered agent listed

-Notify all important parties of any documents received on behalf of the business

Can I be my own registered agent?

Yes, if you meet the requirements listed above, you can be your own registered agent if you feel comfortable listing your home address and personal name on the permanent records.

How to change your registered agent in Florida?

The simplest and cheapest way to change your registered agent in Florida is to update your registered agent and registered office address on your annual report. If you have already filed your annual report, you will have to file what’s called a Change of Registered Agent. If you have a Florida Corporation or a Florida Limited Partnership, the cost is $35 to change your registered agent and office. If you have a Florida Limited Liability Company, the cost is $25 to change your registered office and registered agent. The new Florida registered agent must sign the consent part of these forms and it must be submitted to the Florida Division of Corporations by paper and check. When changing your agent to Florida Registered Agent LLC, when you sign up for our service, you can elect to change the agent to us on your order and we’ll do this filing for you simply for the state mandated filing fees. If you want to do the change of agent filing yourself, you’ll find all the needed forms and cover letters in your online account, pre-signed and ready for you to do the filing yourself.