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About Our Registered Agent Service

A Florida registered agent is required for all corporate filings done at Sunbiz.org and the Florida Division of Corporations. All corporate filings must list a Florida physical address. We include listing our permanent Florida business address as your physical, principal, mailing, and registered agent address. But we don’t stop there!

As your Florida registered agent, we allow our clients to use our Florida business address for the members, managers, officer, directors, the filing cover letter, and annual report filings in order to keep your address off of the Florida Division of Corporations public records. This is all just included in our service for just $49 a year.

Why Is Your Business Address So Important?

Florida has been a leader in transparency in the US for over a century. We started the “Public Records Law” in 1909 and followed it up with greater clarity in 1967, with the addition of open records via the “Government in the Sunshine Law,” otherwise known as just “The Sunshine Law.” It’s Chapter 286 of the Florida Statutes, but it basically says that ANY record filed or recorded with a government body in Florida is made permanently accessible.

If you’ve done business in Florida or lived here long enough, you’ll practically find yourself looking at a business on Sunbiz.org before checking out their reviews. It’s what we’ve become accustomed to. The frustrating thing is that many business owners do not realize they have an alternative to listing their home address or cheap rental on their beginning corporate papers.

For $49 a year, you can use our Florida business address and keep your home address private. 

The papers you file with the Division of Corporations will become permanent parts of Florida history. Someday your business may grow to a point where you don’t want to show the chain of low rent offices you’ve had or show how many times you’ve had to move throughout your company’s history. We can help you show stability to the outside world.

Just getting started in Florida business? Learn how to start a Florida LLC today!

And if you want us to take care of starting your Florida LLC, we can file your paperwork and provide you with a year of registered agent service for $149 + state fees.

Hire Florida Registered Agent LLC

When forming an LLC or starting a corporation in Florida, you have two options.

We Start Your Florida Business Today

We do it all! Form your company, handle all of the paperwork, offer one year of registered agent service, and file everything with the Florida Division of Corporations. You don’t have to worry about any of it. We include everything you’ll need to take your paperwork to the bank and open up a bank account.

File the Forms Yourself

You can complete your Florida LLC registration or incorporation on your own. All you’ll need now is to appoint a Florida registered agent who can accept service of process for your business. We’ve got you covered. Hire us to be your Florida registered agent today and you’ll have access to a suite of compliance management tools for your business.

File the Forms Yourself

Hire us to be your Florida registered agent and save money on formation by filing the forms yourself online at Sunbiz.org. Florida allows formation documents to be filed and processed immediately online. Or, if you’d prefer to send them through the mail, you will find all the proper forms in your online account, already pre-signed and ready to go.

The Best Florida Registered Agent Service:

A login into our database to see any documents we receive on your behalf

Timely reminders to file your annual report

Manage one or many Florida registrations all in your online account

All service of process and important documents are uploaded into your online account immediately

Inexpensive Florida registered agent price of $49 a year

The use of our Florida business address for free

Florida Annual Reports & Taxes

We also have some valuable Florida Tax info for you as well.

Normal filings are processed by the state within 5 business days after they receive them. You can file domestic Florida corporations and domestic Florida LLCs online.

Once registered to do business in Florida, you’ll have an annual report due each year. These are due May 1st each year and cost $150 for corporations and $138.75 for LLCs.

Every company in Florida is required to maintain a Florida registered agent and Florida registered office. We can accomplish this for you, and you won’t have a bunch of red tape and hidden fees with us. We’re small enough to care about your business and big enough to provide you some real benefit. Our goal is to be a valuable asset for you in maintaining your business each year, not another bill you don’t really want to pay. This is evident in our pricing. $49 a year is enough for us. It’s half the price offered by most of our competitors, but we have so many clients that you benefit from our longevity and can save.


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