Updated: November 29th, 2019

These are our terms of service between you, the client, and Florida Registered Agent LLC.

The laws of Florida govern this agreement, and any actions between us must be made in Florida.

We offer registered agent services. These services start the moment you pay us. Florida Registered Agent LLC does not offer refunds of any services. We charge $49 to act as your registered agent. We try to be the cheapest option available to you to save you money. Most our competitors charge $99 to $380 a year. As such, they have a lot more administrative time built into their annual fee.

You can cancel at any time without any cancellation fees inside your online account.

The following are our list of service fees:

Registered Agent Service: $49 a year. We will send you a renewal 90 days prior to your end of service date. When you sign up, you get one year of service from the date you sign up. If you want to cancel our service, you must file a change of registered agent to remove us as your registered agent with whatever municipalities you listed us with. We do not have a cancellation service fee.

Filing Services: $100 per filing. You can have us do filings for you. We charge $100 per filing.

Disputed charge on a credit card. $100. If you dispute our charge on your credit card, we charge $100 for our time to answer your dispute, regardless of the outcome.

Liability: All amounts of liability are capped to the amounts of money you have paid us.

Address: You agree to not file a change of address with the USPS postal office for our address. That would be really bad, and you would get all our mail.

Thank you for your business. Florida Registered Agent LLC strives for perfection every time. Please give us a call or email if you ever have any questions or concerns. We value your business and want to make starting and maintaining a Florida registration as easy as possible for you.

Auto-Pay Election

Our services are billed via an automatic payment feature for Business Renewal and Resident Agent Services unless you choose to opt out within your client account. Clients that opt-out will be invoiced. Customers enrolling in our Virtual Office services must enroll in monthly automatic payments. All accounts using auto-payment must provide us with valid and updated credit card information and when doing so authorize us to charge such credit card for all purchased services and applicable fees that come about during the duration of all initial service terms, and any following renewal term(s).

Specifics Regarding Auto-Pay Features

  • All auto-payments will be charged to the credit/debit card on file for the business entity or person. It is the responsibility of the user to keep their card information current and valid or possibly be subject the stipulations outlined below.
  • All auto-payment charges will be preceded by a notification to your online account notifying the user of the impending charge at least 3 days before the charge date.
  • Annual renewals will be automatically charged for one year after the initial charge date unless services are canceled or Auto-pay is opted out of within five days of the next charge date.
  • Virtual Office subscribers must use our auto-payment feature and all accounts will be charged every 30 days following the initial charge.
  • All Auto-Payments services must be canceled at least 3 days before the next charge date to avoid paying for the next month of subscription service, or year of annual service. All cancellations are handled through the user’s online account for security purposes.
  • Annual auto-pay charges that fail to process will be rendered an unpaid invoice in the user’s online account and subject to all fees and procedures outlined in this agreement.
  • Subscription or monthly auto-pay charges that fail to process will result in the immediate suspension, and probable cancellation of all Virtual Office services and features.