All business entities are required by law to file an Annual Report with the Division of Corporations.

Florida Annual Report Facts
LLC Fee $138.75
Corporation Fee $150
Due Date May 1
Where to File Online
Late Fee (filing after May 1) $400

Florida Annual Report

The Florida annual report updates (or simply confirms) the information the Florida Division of Corporations has on file for your business. This information includes your business name, registered agent information, principal address and mailing address, and management/membership information.

One major perk of hiring Florida Registered Agent LLC is that you can use our Florida business address on your annual report, which will keep your address off of the public record. You can use our business address for your principal office address and business mailing address.

The Division of Corporations no longer accepts paper-filed Annual Reports. The only way to file is through the DOC website. Florida Annual Report reminders are sent to business entities 60 days before the renewal date.

When you file your Florida Annual Report, you can make changes to the information filed with the Division of Corporations, such as changing your registered agent.

Florida Taxes

All entities are required by law to meet their Florida tax obligations.

Limited liability companies are pass-through entities, and taxes on profits are paid on a member’s individual tax return each year. There is no state income tax, but corporations in Florida must pay a 5.5% tax on business income.

Failure to pay your Florida tax will result in fines and penalties.

Florida Tax Facts
Corporate Tax Rate 5.5%
Corporate Tax Return Form Form F-1120
Individual Income Tax None
State Sales Tax 6%
Local Sales Tax 1.01% (avg)


We are not Florida tax experts, and the information on this page should not be considered the opinion of a Florida tax accountant. Nor should it be considered tax advice in any way.

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