Necessary requirements to form an anonymous Florida LLC:

  • A reliable Florida registered agent
  • A Florida LLC (the main business)
  • A Florida LLC holding company (to own the main business)

Private information ends up in the public record in two ways: on formation documents (addresses) and on annual reports (names and signatures). To remain anonymous in Florida, the private information listed on these documents must be replaced with information that is acceptable if the public finds it.

This is where the Private Florida LLC structure is critical.

When you hire Florida Registered Agent LLC, we are legally allowed to list our registered office address as your principal address on your formation document. Your address is then kept from the public record.

We will also form two LLCs, not one. In Florida, at least one member is required to sign an annual report each year. By forming two LLCs, we will establish that each Florida LLC owns the other. Thus, they are “members” with the right to sign annual reports.

When LLC One files an annual report, it will list LLC Two as the member, and vice versa. Your name is now never placed into the public record.

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Is the Private Florida LLC Structure Legal?

Yes. There is nothing illegal about one company owning another. This happens everyday. Holding companies are, in fact, very common.

Does My Second LLC Have to Conduct Any Business?

No. An LLC is not legally required to do any business. It can be formed purely to be a holding company. A holding company is simply a business that owns assets but does nothing else.

Can I Set Up the LLCs On My Own and Be Anonymous?

No. You need a registered agent in Florida, because a registered agent can list their registered office address as your principal address.

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