What is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides office services that help your company operate without having to own your own physical office. Virtual office services can include a local phone number, a legal lease, a physical area to meet, and a local business address for receiving mail.

At Florida Registered Agent, our Florida Virtual Office service has everything you need whether you operate from home or are constantly on the road!

Virtual office staff
With virtual office, you get an entire business identity without being tied to the cost of renting a physical space.

Below is an overview of how our Florida Mail Forwarding packages compare to our Florida Virtual Office service. Each of these is designed to suit your unique needs as a business owner. Florida Virtual Office is our most comprehensive package for business owners looking to make our Florida address the headquarters for their business!

Free Mail ForwardingBasic Mail ForwardingPremium Mail ForwardingFlorida Virtual Office
Business Address
Secure Online Account
Junk Mail Filtering
Same-Day Mail Scans
Phone Service60-Day Free Trial60-Day Free Trial60-Day Free Trial
Unique Suite Number
Office Lease
Number of Scans3
Mail Scans
+10 more
Mail Scans
+25 more
Mail Scans
Mail Scans
Meeting Room AccessAvailable to Rent
* Free for registered agent clients.

What should you expect from Florida Virtual Office Service?

Florida Virtual Phone Service

When you have a Florida phone line, it comes with a Florida area code. Our Florida Virtual Phone Service allows you to choose a secondary phone line with a Florida area code. On top of that, you get unlimited communication nationwide, including voicemail and SMS messaging. Having a secondary business line can help build your business credibility when engaging with other businesses and your clients—not to mention adding another layer of privacy by allowing you to keep your personal phone number private.

A Distinguishable Address

We provide you with a real Florida business address. Not a P.O. Box. Your business will be provided with a legitimate and reputable Florida business address that you can give to your to your clients and customers.

Mail Forwarding

Unlimited mail forwarding is included in our virtual office package. We open and scan all your mail to your secure online account for your convenient viewing.

Office Lease

When people see the word “lease,” they immediately think locked-in commitment. That’s not our purpose for including an office lease in our Virtual Office Package. Our purpose is to give you sufficient proof and paperwork that you are located in Florida.

Shared Office Space

If you need to hold an annual meeting or need a private place to have a business meeting, you can rent space in the building and use it as yours.

The Comprehensive Advantage

When you sign up for Florida Virtual Office Service, we provide the comprehensive advantage. Having a virtual office gives you a leg up on getting the things you need to get done. With several options to choose from, we give you the ability to meet the needs of your business more efficiently than our competitors. We call that the comprehensive advantage, and it can be the difference between make or break for your business.


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