Steps to Incorporate in Florida

  1. File Articles of Organization

    To incorporate in Florida, state law requires a business to file Articles of Incorporation with the Division of Corporations. There is a $35 fee to incorporate in Florida. The document can be mailed, faxed, hand delivered or filed online at the DOC website.

  2. Designate Registered Agent

    Florida state statute Title XXXVI 607.0501 requires a corporation to designate a Florida registered agent when filing Articles of Incorporation. The fee is $35 (this is paid with the filing fee above, for a total of $70). Florida agents must have a physical street location inside the state where they can accept service of process and certified business mail.

    When you hire us, you will have corporate Articles in your online account pre-signed with our signature. You can print these forms, fill in your portion and mail them immediately.

  3. Wait for Processing

    The current processing time for Florida incorporation is around 11 business days.

  4. Write Corporate Bylaws

    A Florida incorporation can be completed without writing corporate bylaws, but it is not a good idea. Bylaws accomplish two main goals: outlining ownership; and detailing how the company will be run. Like a blueprint, bylaws explain the inner workings of a corporation. Without bylaws, a corporation will likely run into a host of administrative and organizational problems.

  5. File Annual Reports

    Every year, Florida corporations must file an annual report through the Florida DOC website. The fee for corporations is $150, and the report is due between January 1 and May 1. Filing after May 1 will result in a penalty of $400 added to the annual report fee.

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Florida Incorporation FAQs

What Payment Methods Are Accepted for My Florida Incorporation?

If you file a Florida incorporation online, the DOC accepts all major credit cards. Paper filings should be accompanied by a check or money order made payable to: Florida Department of State.

How Do I Fax My Filing to the DOC?

The Division of Corporations allows fax filings only for businesses that have set up a Sunbiz E-File Account. An E-File Account works like a bank account. You deposit money into it, and when you need to send a filing, money comes out of the account to cover the fee.

The only drawback with a Sunbiz E-File Account is that it is not designed for companies that need to file only one or two documents. There is a minimum $300 deposit required upfront, which makes this option useful only for corporations that will need to file multiple documents over time.

Should I Hire You Before or After I Incorporate in Florida?

Hire us now. A Florida registered agent is designated on the Articles of Incorporation, so they will be rejected without one.

Just as important, though, is that by hiring us now we can help you protect your privacy. When you hire us, we can handle your Florida incorporation from start to finish. If we file your documents for you, we can use our name and address in order to keep your private information off the public record.

Where Do I Send My Florida Incorporation Documents?

Registration Sections
Division of Corporations
PO Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314

Hand Delivery:
Clifton Building
2661 Executive Center Circle
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Do I Have to File My Annual Report Online?

Yes. Florida requires all annual reports are filed online. The State of Florida no longer accepts annual reports through the mail.

However, you do not have to PAY online. You can select to pay with a check or money order, in which case you will have to print off a payment voucher and send it with your payment. The annual report will not be processed until payment is received. You can also pay using a Sunbiz E-File Account.

How Do I Convert My Corporation to an LLC?

We don’t handle entity conversion but we do provide you with filing information and instructions. If you sign up for our registered agent service, you will find all of the necessary documents for conversion in your online account.

Do You Have to Sign My Articles? How Does That Work?

The Division of Corporations requires our signature if you are submitting a paper copy, but it does not have to be an original signature. When you hire us, you will find pre-signed Articles in your online account. You can print them and mail them in. Or, when you hire us, we will give you a name to use for the online filing through Sunbiz.

What Taxes Do Florida Corporations Pay?

After you incorporate in Florida, you will be required to meet all legal tax obligations. The Florida corporate tax rate is 5.5%. There is no state income tax.

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