In Florida, you’re required to provide a business address when you form an LLC or start a corporation. This can’t be a PO box. It has to be the street address of a physical location. This is why Florida businesses without commercial locations so often throw caution to the wind and use their home address for their business address. They believe they have no choice.

But our clients can use our Florida business address for free.

Why? Because our Florida business address is a permanent commercial address. So, when you hire Florida Registered Agent LLC, you can use our address for your registered agent address, your business address, and your mailing address. The best part? Your personal information won’t be published in the public record, you won’t be showered in junk mail at your home address, and because we maintain a permanent address, your business profile will benefit from our stability.

Need a reliable Florida mail forwarding service? We can help there, too.

Our local staff focuses on Florida registered agent and business formation services, but they also offer full-service Florida mail forwarding. As such, we can provide a range of mail forwarding upgrades and virtual office options to fit your company’s needs.

These options even include free mail forwarding—up to 10 mail scans per year—as part of our $49 Florida registered agent service.

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What is a Florida Business Address?

A business address is the street address of your company’s principal place of business, which is why Florida typically calls the business address a “principal address.” Your business address is supposedly the place where your company’s owners or managers meet to make important business decisions, but it doesn’t have to be a location where you actually work every day.

What matters is that your business address is a street address (not a PO box) that your business has the right to use on public filings. And when you hire Florida Registered Agent LLC you’ll have that right because we have the services and infrastructure in place to provide you with a Florida business address. This address is just as legitimate as the address of your brick-and-mortar location, your office, or your home.

Why Is My Florida Business Address So Important?


Choosing the right Florida business address is important because business privacy in Florida is a hard thing to come by. This is mainly because of Florida’s “Government in the Sunshine Law” (Chapter 286 of the Florida statutes).

Florida’s “Sunshine Law” is basically an open records law that requires the Florida Division of Corporations to make state business filings accessible to the public. These aren’t redacted documents. Any names, phone numbers, and addresses appearing on your formation documents and annual reports are freely accessible to anyone with a computer, an internet connection, and a little old-fashioned curiosity.

Try it yourself. Just visit Florida’s Sunbiz website, do a random records search, and browse around. For any Florida business you land on, you’ll see a basic business listing that includes the business’s most recent information, but you’ll also see a series of document images and PDF files at the bottom of each listing. This list represents every public filing that business has ever made.


The Benefits of Using Our Florida Business Address


Frankly, Florida’s approach to transparency can be a little scary. Maybe this sort of “transparency” is no big deal for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses with commercial locations they want to display publicly, but for non-traditional businesses—online businesses and home-based businesses among them—it can cause all sorts of problems.

List your home address, for instance, and you’ll likely be dealing with piles of junk mail and random salespeople—maybe even dissatisfied customers showing up at your door. And even if you’re renting a commercial space, it isn’t necessarily the space you want associated with your business in the long run. Maybe it’s a low-rent space in a crappy part of town that you’re intending to leave in a year. Well, you can change your Florida business address and amend your state documents, but you can’t erase those old documents from Florida’s Sunbiz website.

Fortunately, you have options when you hire Florida Registered Agent LLC. Because you can use our Florida business address, you can mitigate some of the business privacy issues raised by Florida’s Sunshine Law and project the image of a more stable business at the same time. Whether you operate without a fixed location, change locations, or run your business from home, you’ll have a stable address—our Florida business address—that stays exactly the same year after year.


4 Ways To Use Our Florida Business Address


When you hire Florida Registered Agent LLC, you can use our Florida business address on your public filings, and our registered agent service and business formation services automatically include a free mail forwarding option—up to 10 mail scans per year—for any business that needs it.

But we can go much further. We offer a few Florida Mail Forwarding service packages and a comprehensive Florida Virtual Office package—services we’ll describe in detail below.

And note that, for all of these packages, the mail scan limit doesn’t apply to legal notices and other official state mail we receive as your Florida registered agent. The limits only apply to your ordinary business mail.

  1. Business Address + Free Mail Forwarding with Registered Agent Service ($49/ year):


    This free option is available when you sign up for our $49 Florida registered agent service. It isn’t for businesses that expect to receive a bunch of non-state mail (for that, check out the options with higher mail forwarding limits below). But it’s ideal for new businesses that don’t need a lot of mail coverage but still need a stable Florida mailing address. When we receive mail for your business, we’ll scan it right away and upload it to your secure online account.

    Our free mail forwarding option is also available when you hire Florida Registered Agent LLC to incorporate your Florida business or form your Florida LLC.

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  2. Business Address + Unique Mailing Address & 10 Mail Scans Per Year ($49/ year):


    This $49 per year package includes a unique mailing address, a secure online account, plus 10 mail scans per year. That doubles your mail scans if you also have our registered agent service! It’s perfect for a growing business that needs a little more mail coverage but doesn’t yet need the higher limits included in our more robust Florida mail forwarding packages.

    As part of this package, you’ll get a mailing address with a unique suite number, and we’ll always promptly scan and upload your business mail to your secure online account.

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  3. Business Address + Unique Mailing Address & 25 Mail Scans Per Year ($99/ year):


    This $99 per year package also includes a unique Florida mailing address for your business, but it extends your mail-scan by 25 more items per year. It’s perfect for a business that’s growing and needs more mail coverage, but which hasn’t yet reached the stage where it needs unlimited mail scans.

    As with all of our mail forwarding options, this package includes a secure online account, and we’ll promptly scan any mail we receive for your business and upload a PDF copy that you can access online.

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  4. Business Address + Virtual Office ($19/ month):


    Our Florida Virtual Office option is the total package. It includes everything offered by the best of our mail forwarding options—a secure online account, a unique suite number, and unlimited mail scans—but goes even further to include a real office lease and an easy-to-use virtual phone line for your business.

    What do we mean by a virtual phone line? We mean an internet-powered, user-friendly business line with the Florida area code of your choosing. Make calls directly from your client account (on any device), choose between 2 different call forwarding options, and instantly read your incoming messages with our voicemail transcription tool. Signing up for our Platinum Virtual Office Package—with built in virtual phone service—means you’ll never have to give out your actual number. This is just one more way we can help keep your personal information private and secure.

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Florida Business Address FAQs

What is a principal office address in Florida?

“Principal office address” is the term the Florida Division of Corporations usually uses for your business address. For most businesses, the principal address is the same as the mailing address, but Florida will allow you to use a different address (including a PO box) for your business mail.

When you hire us, you can use our Florida address as your principal address and mailing address, thus killing two birds with one stone.

What is a registered agent address in Florida?

A “registered agent address” is the address of your Florida registered agent. This is the Florida street address where your registered agent receives service of process, legal notices, and official state mail on your company’s behalf.

Some registered agent services will only allow you to use their address for these registered agent-related purposes because they either can’t or don’t offer the complete mail coverage options we provide.

Can I use your address for my business mail?

Yes! We offer a wide range of Florida mail forwarding and virtual office packages. Simply scroll up to the “4 Ways You Can Use Our Florida Business Address” section above and select the package that fits your needs.

Is it okay to use my home address as my business address in Florida?

Yes, so long as you don’t mind the consequences. It’s legal to use your home address as your business address in Florida, but keep in mind that whatever address you include on your public filings is freely available through a business search at Florida’s Suniz website.

This is the most obvious benefit of using our Florida business address instead: you’ll get a legitimate business address for your public filings without publicly associating your home address with your business.

Can I use a PO box for my business address in Florida?

No. Your business address must be the street address of a physical location. PO boxes aren’t allowed. However, Florida will allow you to use a PO box as your business’s mailing address.

When you hire Florida Registered Agent LLC, you can use our Florida address for your registered agent address, your business address, and your mailing address.

How do I change my business address in Florida?

Once you have established a business address in Florida, changing that business address requires updating your information with the relevant state and federal agencies that have your address on file (including the IRS), as well as updating your bank and any vendors or important customers who need to be in the know.

You can update your business address with the Florida Division of Corporation’s fairly easily at, and the Florida Department of Revenue also provides an online option for updating your business address. But you’ll also need to keep your bank in mind, vendors, and customers in mind, and you’ll need to consider other items—for instance, your business cards and website—that will need to reflect any changes you make to your business address.

A better option? Hire Registered Agent LLC and use our Florida business address instead. That way, your official location will stay the same no matter how often you change locations.

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