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Why Do You Need a Business Website?

Tell someone you own a business and their next question is usually, “Do you have a website?” It’s like handing out a digital business card, except that a website can provide customers with a whole lot more information than a business card.

With a business website, you can:

  • Easily share your company story and vision
  • Clearly and comprehensively explain your products and services
  • Make sure your business is searchable online
  • Reach customers customers across the globe
  • Take customer orders

Plus, with Florida Business Presence, you can keep your personal contact information private by limiting customer communications to specific channels (your business email and phone number).

Why not use social media as a website?

Some small businesses try to get away with using a social media page as their website, directing customers to an online profile instead of a website. This can feel like an easy solution, but there are downsides.

Social media sites can limit the amount and type of information you share. For example, on a social media site devoted to sharing images, there’s not much space to explain your company or services.

Additionally, social media platforms can change their policies or format whenever they want and in ways that don’t benefit your business. For example, what a social media site starts putting ads for other companies along the side of your profile or throughout your feed? Your customers may have gone online to find you, but end up doing business with someone else.

Having your own site gives you control. Get started today!

Benefits of Getting Web & Phone With Us

What’s so great about getting web & phone service with us?

No-risk free trial. Cancel any or all Business Presence services any time during your 90-day trail. We won’t charge you a thing!

Competitive pricing. $28.80/month plus $25+ yearly domain renewal is an incredibly affordable price for a website, SSL security, business email, and phone service. You may spend $20 alone getting virtual phone service somewhere else.

Free website setup assistance from real people. Big-box web services companies offer help forums in lieu of actual help—you’ll have to pay extra for individualized assistance. Not with us. Call our web services team during business hours, and we’ll be happy to help you with website setup or answer any other questions you’ve got regarding your services.

Streamlined service management and billing. Avoid juggling multiple accounts and bills by getting your registered agent, business filing, mail forwarding, and/or virtual office services and your web and phone services all in one place.

Privacy and security. As a registered agent, we offer privacy through the use of our business address and we never sell your data to third parties. But our respect for your privacy and security doesn’t stop there. You own all your website data, and with SSL security, you can protect your customers’ data, too. Plus, we’ll help keep your personal contact information private with a business email and phone line.

How to Order Florida Business Presence

Ready to get a website and professional communication tools for your business? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Sign Up For Florida Business Presence at Checkout

Unfortunately, you can’t order our Business Presence package on its own. You must add it to Registered Agent, Business Formation, Mail Forwarding, or Virtual Office service.

When ordering Registered Agent or Business Formation service, make sure that the “Florida Business Presence Package” box is checked under the section “Florida Business Presence: Web & Phone.”

If you add Business Presence to Mail Forwarding or Virtual Office, check all “Business Identity” boxes under the “Recommended Items” section (Domain Name, Website, SSL Security, Business Email, and Virtual Phone).

2. Select Your Domain Name

Once your order is complete, you can sign in to your online account. In your account, you’ll be prompted to choose a domain name (“”). You can do this immediately, or you can wait until it’s convenient for you. For example, if you’re starting your business, you may want to wait until the state has approved your business name. If you decide to wait, just log in at any time during the 90 days after making your order to choose your domain.

Feeling confused? Give our web services team a call during business hours and we’ll guide you through the process.

3. Set Your Email Password

After selecting your domain name, you’ll receive a prompt to create your business email password. You’ll then be able to create up to 10 email addresses ending with your domain name (“[email protected]”).

4. Get a Call from Our Web Services Team to Set Up Your Website

The next step is setting up your website. We understand that this can be a little overwhelming, so our web services team will give you a call 1-2 business days after you select a domain name and email password. Our team’s goal is to make the process as easy as possible, so if you’ve never made a website before, rest easy. We’ll take care of it.

Creating website allows you to share information about your business, so it’s a good idea to have some of that information prepared before you receive our call. This can include:

  • Your vision or mission statement
  • The history of your company and/or its products and services
  • A list of your products and services
  • Any photos or logos you want on the site
  • An idea of the colors you’d like to use
  • The contact information for your business

5. Enjoy Florida Business Presence Cost-Free for 90 Days

Reap the benefits of having a website and professional lines of communication with your customers free for 90 days. After that, keep only what you want. But remember, if you keep all of the services, you get a 20% discount. You can cancel at any time.

What Does it Cost?

Our Florida Business Presence package is free to add to Registered Agent, Business Formation, Mail Forwarding, or Virtual Office service.

You’ll get a whole year of free domain service up to a $25 value (for domains over $25, you pay only the difference), and all other services free for 90 days.

Once your 90 days are up, decide what you want to keep. Website, SSL security, business email, and virtual phone services are $9/month each. If you hang on to everything, you’ll get a 20% discount.

Here’s how it breaks down:

ServiceLength of Free TrialPrice After Trial
Domain NameOne Year (Up to $25 Value)$25 On Average (Varies by Domain)

90 Days

$9/month each
SSL Security
Business Email
Virtual Phone
20% Discount-$7.20/month
Package Total$28.80/month + yearly domain renewal

Service Details

Take a deep dive into Florida Business Presence features: domain name, website, SSL security, business email, and virtual phone service.

Domain Name (Web Address)

You may have heard a domain name called a web address or URL. A domain name is what you type into your search bar to go straight to an individual website. To go directly to our site, you’d type in our domain:

When you order domain service with us, you get your domain free for a year up to $25. If your desired domain costs more than $25, you only pay the difference (for example: if your domain is $29.99, you’ll only pay $4.99).

Why you need your own domain

There are other web services companies out there offering free websites, but these free sites come at the price of a lengthy, complicated domain. Think something along the lines of “”

These unwieldy domains are difficult to advertise with and difficult for customers to remember. A domain like this doesn’t look very professional—plus, you’re advertising for the web services company as much as you’re advertising for yourself.

Getting your own domain allows you to choose a web address that works with your business name and branding. Plus, a simple domain easy for customers to remember and type in so they can go straight to your site.

Why different domains have different prices

One major factor in domain pricing is domain type. You’ve probably seen that domains can have different endings, such as .com, .org, .gov, and so on. These endings are called Top Level Domains, or TLDs for short.

Some TLDs are more expensive than others. TLD pricing is controlled by a global non-profit organization, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Specialized TLDs, like .app or .shop can cost more.

Domains that are short and particularly memorable can also be more expensive because there’s more competition for those domains.

Transfer an existing domain to our service

Already have a domain but interested in hiring us for Florida Business Presence? No problem. You can transfer your existing domain to our service, as along as your domain has been registered for 60 days. We’ll give you the same deal we give clients getting new domains: a year free (up to $25 value).


Our website service is ideal for busy business owners who want to quickly create a professional-looking site but don’t have a lot of tech experience.

Our pre-built website template includes a Home page, About Us page, and Contact page. Of course, you can always add more pages. Using our website builder, you can use drop-and-drag tools to customize the site colors and add text and images so that you site fits with the rest of your marketing materials.

Get free help from our web team

Just 1-2 business days after you choose your domain, you’ll get a call from a member of our web services team. During that call, they’ll guide you through constructing your website. If you get stuck or experience trouble, they can even perform some of the setup tasks for you (for example, adding text or changing the website colors).

You an also call our web services team during normal business hours for assistance updating or changing your site. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t charge for individualized assistance during setup.

Migrate an existing site to our web hosting services

Our website service includes web hosting. Web hosting is storing your site’s files and data and making sure that users can access your site.

If you already have a website, you may be able to migrate the site so that we provide your web hosting, depending on the software used to build your site. Talk to a member of our web service team to find out if migration is available to you.

SSL Security

If you want to provide yourself and your customers with a high level of privacy, you need SSL security. SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, encrypts your data (including any information customers share with you on the site) so that it’s safe from hackers and other bad actors.

There are a couple ways to tell if a site has SSL security. The most obvious sign that site doesn’t have SSL is when you try to visit a site and encounter a message stating that the site is not secure or the connection is not private. Additionally, the web addresses of sites with SSL security start with “https” instead of simply “http.”

Why SSL security is important

Aside from protecting your data, SSL security is essential because it makes your customers feel safe on your site. Think back to a time when you ran into a “site not secure” message while trying to access a website—you probably decided to steer clear. Don’t drive your customers away by not having SSL security.

Sites without SSL security also tend not to rank well in search results because they’ve been flagged as unsafe, which can limit your online reach.

Business Email

With our Business Email service, you get up to 10 email addresses that end with your domain (“[email protected]”). Our email service is secure and ad-free.

Why having a business email is a must

Using your personal email may seem convenient, especially if you’re running a small business, but it’s not always the best choice. Communicating with your customers from an email address that clearly belongs to your business makes you look more professional and credible. It also decreases the chances of your email messages landing in the spam folder.

Virtual Phone Service

Our virtual phone service uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, so all you need to use your service is an internet connection. You won’t need to buy a new device, and you won’t get locked into a contract, either. VoIP service is cloud-based, so a VoIP number isn’t limited to use with a specific device, on a SIM card, or at a certain location.

Virtual phone service features include:

  • Forwarding calls to your personal phone or device (US number required)
  • Having your company name show up when you call customers thanks to personalized Outbound Caller ID
  • Greeting customers with a professional voicemail greeting
  • Making and receiving unlimited calls and SMS text messages
  • Accessing voicemail and messages using our iOS or Android app (download the app through the App Store or the Google Play store), or on another device using an internet browser

Why you should have a business phone line

Having a business phone line can help maintain your privacy, increase your professionalism, and create boundaries between your work and personal life. You can avoid giving out your personal number. And because you’ll be able to see if an incoming call is coming from your VoIP number, you can make sure you never answer a work call in an unprofessional manner or send a customer to your personal voicemail.

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