Florida Certificate of Authority Filing Service

Foreign Corporation in Florida

If you are a corporation located in a state other than Florida and want to do business in Florida, you will need a certificate of authority to operate in Florida. You can obtain one by submitting paperwork as a foreign corporation with the Corporations Division of the Florida Secretary of State. After you submit your forms, the state of Florida will return a filed certificate of authority to you. A foreign Florida corporation should not be confused with an out-of-country corporation. Any corporation not actually formed (created) in Florida is a foreign corporation.

We charge $100 plus the Florida state filing fee to prepare and submit the foreign Florida corporation certificate of authority form with the Florida Secretary of State, Corporations Division. We also will obtain the paperwork needed from the home state of your incorporation to submit your paperwork.

If you want to do the filing yourself: you just need to sign up for our Florida registered agent service and you’ll find the foreign corporation form is in your online account immediately. As an added bonus, we’ve included some filing tips on how to make the filing with the state. Your business needs to have an Florida registered agent anyway, so we try to make the process simple and easy for you, whether you want us to do the filing or you want to do the filing yourself.

How do I sign up?

You sign up for our Florida registered agent service first. Next, you can look at the form for foreign corporations in your online account and also at the included filing tips. If you don’t want to file for the Florida certificate of authority yourself, you just click the “Add services” tab from your account, and add our filing services for the state filing fees plus $100. At all times, you can check the real time status of our work in progress. After we are finished with your foreign corporation registration in Florida, we always store the filing to your client account, email you a copy, and send you the original filed documents by mail.